I am a new client, do I have to schedule a “ New Client Service”?

The New Client Service is a special package curated to suit the needs of clients looking to silk press their hair (often for the first time). It allows for the stylist to provide all services needed to maintain the health and integrity of your hair, minimizing any adverse effects. Even if you don’t feel like you need all the services included, it is best to still book the service so that we have an ample amount of time during your appointment to answer any questions you may have and provide any/all services that are needed!

Should I wash my hair before my appointment?

Washing your hair before your appointment is not suggested. We must wash your hair before servicing you and we wouldn’t want you to dry your hair out. All of our prices include the washing portion of the service.


Why was my appointment declined?

 Your initial appointment selection is a request and can be declined because of a scheduling conflict or non payment of your invoice. Invoices have a 24 hr payment period. If your invoice is not satisfied with in this time, we will cancel the request.


I would like to book a trim, but I don’t see it listed?

Generally, most new clients need hair cuts. A trim (or reshaping) is a service we provide to our clients who have had their hair shaped by a stylist at Beauty Mark. Of course, there are exceptions. During your consultation, if your stylist determines that you indeed need a reshaping it can be added to your appointment. 


Do you only Silk Press hair?

We offer a full variety of services! The services listed are the most popular and don’t usually require a separate consultation. For everything not listed please send us and email or add your thoughts in the notes box. 


Do you take walk ins or same day appointments? 

At the moment, we only take walk ins/same day appts  if our pre scheduled appointments allow us to do so. 


I normally use ________. Can I bring it with me for my stylist to use? 

You may bring any products/appliances that you would like to show us. Unfortunately, (unless they are prescribed by your dermatologist) we will not use them during your service. Our services are only guaranteed using the products and techniques that we have tested and practiced. We cannot guarantee our services any other way.